Memory in Motion

Life isn't static.

Our memories are all dynamic; they demand a sort of contemplation. All great moments have a complexity and texture to them that is difficult to capture. Parallax allows you to create a dynamic, moving memory that can hold a perspective and remind you what is most important.

Parallax allows you to tell your story in a new, experiential way.

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"From start to finish this was an extremely positive experience...the end product looks exceptional. I am so happy with my Parallax experience."

Will D.

Ann Arbor, MI


"Mimi absolutely LOVED opening her Mother's Day gift from the grandkids. She was filled with tears watching the Parallax show, two sweet babies, turn into two young children. She found the perfect spot to hang it in the house."

Tamara M.

Owensboro, KY


"This was a gift for my mom, showing my nephews and niece with 5 years between photos. To quote my mother’s reaction: “This is the neatest thing ever! I absolutely love it!”"

Mike W.

Roscoe, IL


"This is such an amazing way to capture our family’s history together! It is a beautiful piece of art and such great quality. This has become an instant family treasure and our 19 month old loves walking back and forth to see the change."

Gerard G.

Keizer, OR


"This is such a beautiful piece - I’m excited to have it in our home for years to come. Excellent craftsmanship, and such a unique piece! Can’t wait to share it with friends."

Sarah S.

Tehachapi, CA


"I received a Parallax square as a gift and it’s incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it! I like having a more unique family photo, and being able to combine two photos into one. The frame is gorgeous and enhances the whole piece. It’s sturdy, high-quality, and well-made. Definitely more than just a way to frame a photo--it’s an art piece!"

Karl H.

Lakeville, MN


"I have never seen anything like this! So creative and unique. Mine was a surprise from my husband. It is a then and now print. I will cherish it forever!"

Suzanne R.

Philpot, KY


"Parallax surpassed my expectations. I knew it would be cool to see both images in a single frame, but I was really blown away. My wife loves it, and it created the perfect anniversary gift."

Chris G.

Charlottesville, VA


"My sons are 10 months apart. Raising them as babies was one of the toughest experiences of my life. Just like that, though, they’re 6 and 7; independent and happy. I miss them as babies and smile when I get to see this incredible transition of time. Time! What a funny thing. Thank you for creating this experience for me. I proudly hung it up in my office."

Nathan M.

Owensboro, KY


Our "Why"

We are proud to have our hands on every stage of your creation—literally. Whether it’s milling your frame in the wood shop, printing your images, or bringing your precious story to life through the finishing process, we take inordinate care with your story.

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