Parallax Signals New Perspective on Photo Gifts and Home Décor in 2021

Parallax Art from Left and Right Perspective

7 JUNE 2021—Childhood friends Daniel Whitehouse and TJ Stinnett seek new perspective on photo gifts and home décor, launching the exciting, new e-commerce endeavor, Parallax.

A parallax is a customizable, framed photo gift which combines two images on a single surface. The surface is folded in order to present the first image when viewed from the left and the second image when viewed from the right. A parallax's surface makes it ideal for before-and-after and comparison photos.

The brand's name, "Parallax", is derived from the word meaning, "the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from a different position." The unique effect distinguishes Parallax from other personalized photo gifts from vendors like Snapfish and Shutterfly.

The brand's beginnings are themselves rooted in a change of perspective.

Whitehouse and Stinnett relocated from their home state of Kentucky to Virginia Beach, Virginia to try their hand at the world of e-commerce. After a few years of successful business and reflection, they put their hands back to hammer, nail, and blade and started crafting Parallax.

“We love working on Parallax," states Whitehouse, "because we are intricately involved in every step of the process.” Whitehouse and Stinnett handcraft every single parallax, taking inordinate time and care to mill each frame, print each image, and assemble every piece into a single personalized piece of home décor in order to tell the unique story of its future owner.

The practical goal of Parallax is to provide a unique addition to home décor, especially to areas of the home whose decoration is often overlooked due to their dynamic natures such as hallways and thoroughfares—spaces of transition and connection. Because of the change of perspective, a parallax promotes motion around the frame, and this compliments the natural motion of hallways.

“As I walk past frames in my house," says Stinnett, "they’re beautiful; however, after you walk by them a few times, you kind of forget that they’re there. And I think that Parallax—it kind of solves that problem. It draws your eye to the frame almost every single time you walk past it because there’s movement within the frame.”

This means that a parallax stands apart from other personalized photo gifts such as photo mugs and photo books. It reinvigorates the possibilities for design in these under-attended spaces.

Customers can choose between farmhouse white or onyx black picture frame colors to best match the rest of their home décor.

The process for ordering from Parallax is very similar to other name brand photo gifts: customers upload their photos to Parallax's easy-to-use 3D modeling tool to make fine-tuned edits to their parallax and see it in perspective before it arrives at their door.

For more on setting and hanging a parallax, see the walkthrough for best practices.

While Parallax makes a unique contribution to the world of photo gifts and home décor, the brand's true mission, according to Whitehouse and Stinnett, is to renew a sense of reflection and remembrance in the home.

"For us," states Whitehouse, "Parallax means remembering the past in a way which brings a new perspective to the present. It's as simple as each individual parallax is: the past and present tied up together within one frame so you see the change take place as you move forward. Or it's like showing two opposing images and discovering what they have in common. That's kind of how we've thought about life recently as we've looked back on our own and how we've turned out."

The two complimentary images related by time and subject matter in a parallax mean telling a larger story about growth and change in between the photos—as in the case of a photograph of children now grown up, the passage of years over a happy marriage, or the progress of a restoration project.

No matter the occasion, Parallax means that the memories framed in each one-of-a-kind parallax come alive and unfold the story within. "Put simply," says Stinnett, "Parallax puts memory in motion."

You can learn more about Whitehouse's and Stinnett's vision behind the frame on Parallax's Meet Us page.

"We are so excited," says Whitehouse, "for you to start creating."


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