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 A Special Gift for an Old Friend

Shortly after the Parallax launch, an old friend named Will reached out to congratulate me on the start of our new company. He expressed that he was very impressed with the product and couldn’t wait to figure out which of his photos would make the perfect parallax for his father.

Soon after that, Will reached out again and said he'd finally found the right photos. The photos he picked were nothing short of remarkable. Will's parallax is one of the team’s favorite prints so far.

Here's what Will said about the parallax photos of his father:

“When [my dad] was working full time, he was a surgeon, and working with his hands was always something that was really important to him. When he wasn't performing surgery, he was showing us how to do different projects— woodworking and things around the house. And now, in his semi-retirement, he is a deacon for the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, so the first photo of him is back in the early 90s doing surgery, working with his hands, and the second photo is of him baptizing my nephew Jackson."

Parallax prints like this that tell the story of a caring father can be such an abundantly heart-warming, meaningful gift to receive.


A Beautiful Duality

The parallels between the two photos are such a beautiful testament to the different ways our hands can have a saving touch.

The first photo represents the tangible, earthly skill and care of modern medicine.  The second image shows us the gentle, spiritual saving grace displayed through the hands of the Deacon in baptism.

Will did a great job choosing two photos that line up very well physically as well, making sure to get the most of the Parallax effect.

I enjoy the endless ways that Parallax can be used and the way our customers are empowered to make pieces that will truly create moving memories. I am also so happy that Will created something beautiful for his father that will be cherished for years to come.

“I thought it was a real and beautiful way to show that transition of his fatherhood and his various careers and to celebrate him.”

It's pretty easy to see that a parallax means so much more than a normal framed picture or canvas; a parallax means thought and intentionality, a renewed memory of the past for a renewed perspective on the present.

That's why Daniel and I love every piece that we are able to create: we know that this gift will hang on someone's walls to be repeatedly remembered and experienced anew for years to come. 

I hope that you can take inspiration from stories like this to help you create a meaningful gift for a loved one.  We are so excited to see what you can create!

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