What Kinds of Personal Photos Work Best for a Parallax?

This is how to pick the best images for your Parallax:

Since Parallax art transitions from one image to the next as you move, you should either:

1.) choose a pair of images that share a common theme or

2.) use photos where the subjects are similarly placed in the picture.

Here's a list of a few ideas to guide you along the way

Themed Suggestions for Parallax Photos

There are four major themes that really work well with a Parallax:

  1. Family
  2. Memorials
  3. Restorations
  4. Nature

There are, of course, other themes and images that a Parallax can capture remarkably well; these are just the major ones.


1.) Family Photos

Everyone has family photos hanging on their living room wall and along their hallways. Highlight how all of you have changed over the years in your Parallax.

Besides group family photos, a Parallax can display key moments in every family member's life (including your pets), moments like births, rites of passage, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.



Displaying the transition from pregnancy to the arrival of the child is a great use of Parallax wall art.

One idea for birth photos is a pairing of shot of the mother still pregnant with another shot of the mother holding the baby close to her belly.

When the viewer moves form one side to another, they get the full sense of the defining moment of the entry into motherhood.

Rites of passage

Rites of passage are by nature transitional, and they can be so beautifully specific to your culture and heritage

A Parallax for a bar mitzvah or quinceañera can show the child as a toddler and then as a ceremonial adult.

The accomplishment of Eagle Scout is another "rite of passage" for many that can be captured by pairing a recent picture with another of the individual on their first day in Scouts or as Cub Scout.

There are numerous rites of passage like these for every family, and for every one of them, a Parallax is there.


For graduations, it's a matter of capturing the accomplishment of an arduous task, celebrating learning, and emphasizing the transformation that occurs in the process.

Graduations can be remembered in Parallax's wall art by pairing school pictures from different years together or portraits from early childhood to the present.

Weddings and Anniversaries

A Parallax can display Marriage with a pair of separate pictures of the couple, or a picture of the moment of proposal and one of the wedding ceremony itself.

Another great option is for anniversaries. Picture 25 or even 50 years of marriage shown in a single frame.


Pets are also beloved members of the family.

A picture of, say, your dog as a puppy and then as a fully grown hound can be a great reminder of the comfort and joy they bring to your family and life.

2.) Memorial Gifts

The tragedy of loss is a moment in life that, in order to grapple with it, we often need to make some material commemoration for ourselves. A Parallax is a perfect for just that.

Loved Ones

Parallax wall art can show our lost loved ones in their youth and in their later years in a singular, gathered memorialization.

Many of us have family members who served in the armed forces. A photo of them in uniform paired with a more recent photo can display their time serving the country and their life afterwards.

A great many of us also have medical nurses in our family line. A photo of graduation from nursing school with one from their later years can make a great gift for their remembrance in your home.

The key is to show them in the full breadth of their years.


3.) Restorations

A Parallax can show the "before" and "after" of meaningful restoration projects like classic cars and homes.

Cars and Motorcycles

A picture of a rusted-out classic car or motorcycle intermingled with another picture of a beautifully restored version of the same can commemorate the accomplishment of your restoration passion project.


The same can be said for restoring houses, especially childhood homes. A "then-and-now" pairing of photos of the house can make a great gift for family members who want to remember the place most rightly called home.


4.) Nature

The changing of seasons or places in the world which you love most can be reflected forever in a Parallax

There's also plenty of subject matter in nature available for a Parallax: mountains, oceans, animals, outer space!

If you're nostalgic for the outdoors, this is a particular poignant reminder that the mountains are still calling.

People also ask...

What is lenticular art?

Parallax specializes in custom lenticular wall art and decor. But what is lenticular art?

Lenticular printing is a method of printing multiple images on the same surface and then folding, molding, and/or generally reshaping the surface in order that each image can be clearly seen at different angles.

The result is the clear perception of one image at a certain angle and then the perception of another image at another angle.

So, say you're standing to the left of the lenticular art piece and the image you see from that angle is of the face of a young person. But then say you move to the right side of it; the image you will see there is different than the one you saw on the left. Perhaps it is an image of a much older person.

How do lenticular pictures work?

Lenticular art works by reshaping the surface on which the images are printed in order that one is seen from a certain angle while the others are hidden from view.

What's the best place to hang lenticular art?

Lenticular art isn't like other images you probably already own; it may require you to rethink where you want to hang it.

Because the image presents its two "sides" differently, it serves you best if it's not in a place where people are only going to look at it head-on.

The best place to hang lenticular wall art is in a place where people can get a good look at both sides of the image. A hallway or thoroughfare is best, but for more details be sure to read about tips for hanging you Parallax wall art in your house.


Be sure to read more about best practices for uploading images to Parallax.

I hope it's been helpful for you to grasp the many possibilities and the occasions for which a Parallax is absolutely perfect.

Let us know your favorite Parallax art ideas in the comments.